Our 1 hour cruise, including the short mini bus ride to and from Urquhart Bay Harbour, includes a comprehensive live commentary covering all aspects of Loch Ness, the World’s most famous loch.  We will tell you all about the natural features of Loch Ness, the geology of the loch, and, of course, the myths and legends surrounding the World’s most famous water creature – the Loch Ness Monster. We’ll tell you the history of the “Nessie” phenomena, from the earliest sightings to the latest.  We’ll tell you about the many investigations carried out on the loch and the many opinions of what kind of creature Nessie might be.  Nessie Hunter is equipped with Radar, Colour Sonar, and G.P.S. equipment for finding the elusive creature.

The cruise takes us through Urquhart Bay, out into the centre, and deepest part, of the loch, before returning to pass within 30 metres of the historic ruins of Urquhart Castle where you will get the best photographs of the castle along with a comprehensive commentary of its history.

You will have plenty of time to ask your skipper as many questions as you like. Our skippers will be only too pleased to answer your questions and like nothing more than getting to know our passengers.

Because Nessie Hunter can legally only carry 12 passengers, we believe this allows us the opportunity to provide a unique and personal touch to all our cruises.